Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) wishes to advise that all squatters on the NSL 9-mile land Portions 2157, 2156 and 2159, including NSL members, are required to relocate to enable orderly redevelopment.

NSL has previously informed its members on the NSL owned 9-mile land Portions that there will be no exceptions made for members or any other organization, group, or body illegally squatting on the land Portions.

To ensure the best development outcome, and lot configurations, the site must be vacant. Major civil works will be required across sites to deliver power, water, drainage, and sealed roads.

No services, such as power or water, are available on site. Delivering this infrastructure is key to future redevelopment so that all homeowners can have proper services available. NSL hopes that squatters haven’t illegally tapped into services, as this ultimately causes problems for water and power systems within Port Moresby.

NSL sympathises with the members that will be affected, however, as the Trustee for over 208,000 hardworking Papua New Guineans we must remain committed to protecting the interests of the Fund’s membership as a whole.

Through recent social mapping exercises, NSL has identified 210 members illegally residing on the NSL land Portions. Of the 210 members, our records indicate a small percentage applied for housing advance, and a very small percentage were successful in having a housing advance approved.

Securing the titles for the land Portions at 9-mile has been a challenging process, ultimately delaying progress on the site and leading to confusion that resulted in squatters being misled. 

No housing advances have been approved since the Court Ruling of 2020 which had granted rightful ownership of the land Portions 2156, 2157 and 2159 to NSL.

Since the Court Ruling, 24 members have applied and been advised that they were not eligible to receive a housing advance as their proposed site would illegally encroach on NSL land.

Member’s that have applied for or believe they have received housing advances from NSL for construction or improvements made on the 9-mile land Portions should register their queries with the 9-mile Project Management Team (PMT) via email to or in person at the Project office on Portion 2157.

NSL ensures that all our products and services offered to members follow the strict regulations established by the Superannuation (General Provisions) Act 2000 and regulated by the Bank of PNG. As such, NSL has systems in place to vet all applications for housing advances and other products to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our members while complying with statutory regulations.

NSL’s primary objective is to provide members with superannuation services that aim to deliver real returns and create wealth for members to enjoy in their retirement. NSL is not mandated to provide housing schemes. However, recognizing the need for appropriate housing in PNG we do provide Housing Advances to our eligible members as a subsidiary service.

At present, NSL is not selling any land at 9-mile, however, parties interested in purchasing land upon the completion of the redevelopment project should register their interest with the PMT.

NSL also advises that it is not accepting deposits to secure land at this time and anyone found accepting deposits should be reported immediately to the PMT and/or the appropriate authorities. NSL will prosecute anyone who is continuing to sell Portions of NSL lands; all such activities are to cease immediately.

The PMT is also continuing to provide valuable information and deliver awareness sessions for the benefit of the squatters. The Project site/office, located at Portion 2157, remains open for all enquiries and can be accessed from Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm, and Sunday from 1pm – 4pm.

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