The results obtained from these calculators are for general purposes only to illustrate the effect of compound interest and are not intended as a substitute for professional financial advice. Before making any financial decisions on the basis of these results, you will need to consult with an independent financial planner or accountant as well as consider whether the advice is suitable to meet your personal financial objectives and circumstances.

The actual performance of any investments will depend on future economic conditions, investment management, fees and taxation. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and as a result of this, all the results are hypothetical and are NOT GUARANTEED.

Nambawan Super specifically disclaims any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of or in any way connected with the access to or use of these calculators. To the extent permitted by law, under no circumstances will Nambawan Super be liable for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on the information by using these calculators.


Projected super balance at retirement:

The projected total super balance takes into account your starting balance, employee and employer contributions, any additional voluntary contributions as well as interest earned between now and your retirement.

Retirement age:

We have assumed a default retirement age of 65. This can be adjusted in the calculator.

Working life:

The calculator assumes that you will have a continuous working life with no breaks up to your retirement age.

Interest rate:

The default investment returns have been set at 6.0%. This is based on the Nambawan Super 10-year average interest rate.

Employee contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 6% is the mandatory minimum contribution for employees to make. Employees may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

Employer contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 8.4% is the mandatory minimum contribution that employers have to make. Employers may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

Document last updated on: 10 March 2021.

1. Introduction – Nambawan Super respects your privacy

Required by law, Nambawan Super regards the protection of your personal information as important. This is Nambawan Super’s Privacy Policy and it determines the way we will treat your personal information.

References throughout this Privacy Policy is to “members” or “contributing employers” may in some situations mean non-member individuals, non-contributing employers or any interested user intending to join Nambawan Super, when browsing the Website or through social media platforms such Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

2. What personal information is collected and held by Nambawan Super?

Nambawan Super collects the following personal information: first and last name, mobile number and email address through the contact forms on the Website. Other information can be collected in the content of your queries in relation to withdrawals, housing advance account and eligibility, retirement savings account, choice super, voluntary contributions, the discount program, employment opportunities at Nambawan Super or general enquiries.

3. How does Nambawan Super collect and hold personal information?

Nambawan Super generally collects personal information directly from you or through your employer, adviser, previous superannuation fund, or other representative authorized by you.

Information collected through the Contact Form through the Website is stored in the Content Management System database itself, and then submitted to the email address belonging to Nambawan Super set to be notified of responses.

For employment candidates, Nambawan Super collects your personal information including employment history and other information during the recruitment process either directly from you or from recruiters.

For non-members, the way Nambawan Super collects your personal information will depend on your type of enquiries. Typically, Nambawan Super will collect your personal information directly from you if you are a non-member or your employer who has met the necessary requirements to join Nambawan Super.

Your personal information is held and stored by Nambawan Super. Access is only restricted to authorized staff of Nambawan Super. Nambawan Super ensures to maintain the best information security systems and continues to improve.

4. What are the purposes for which Nambawan Super collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information?

The personal information we collect will be used by Nambawan Super to:

  • open and administer your member superannuation account, and keep you informed as a member
  • ensure you’re eligible for products and services
  • ensure your personal information is current
  • provide financial education
  • help improve our products and services
  • undertake market research, member data analysis and direct marketing activities
  • manage and resolve complaints made
  • report information required by law or regulations
  • perform any other appropriate related functions.

For employment candidates, Nambawan Super collects your personal information for recruitment purposes, to manage your employment application and, if you are successfully placed in a position at Nambawan Super, your ongoing employment.

For non-members, Nambawan Super will only collect the personal information necessary for us to provide the relevant service or information that you require or enquire about.

5. To whom does Nambawan Super disclose personal information?
Nambawan Super will only share your personal information:

  • as required by law or regulations, by Courts or regulatory bodies/authorities.
  • with service providers/third parties that we need to deal with for the purposes described in section 4 above including: our external fund administrator (Kina Investment and Superannuation Services Limited, part of Kina Bank), your employer, independent consultants and market research companies, auditors, external lawyers.

6. How will Nambawan Super communicate changes to its Privacy Policy?
Nambawan reserve the right to alter, modify or update its privacy policy from time to time. Updated version of the policy will replace the prior version on the Website and users are advised to visit the Website to review the updated Policy.