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Projected super balance at retirement:

The projected total super balance takes into account your starting balance, employee and employer contributions, any additional voluntary contributions as well as interest earned between now and your retirement.

Retirement age:

We have assumed a default retirement age of 65. This can be adjusted in the calculator.

Working life:

The calculator assumes that you will have a continuous working life with no breaks up to your retirement age.

Interest rate:

The default investment returns have been set at 6.0%. This is based on the Nambawan Super 10-year average interest rate.

Employee contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 6% is the mandatory minimum contribution for employees to make. Employees may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

Employer contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 8.4% is the mandatory minimum contribution that employers have to make. Employers may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

As employees of Member Employer groups, your staff automatically qualify for a Nambawan Super (NSL) Member Identification Card.

Why get a Member ID Card?

Having an Nambawan Super Member ID Card provides your employees with the following benefits;

NSL Web Icons 140X130px ValidMemberID

Valid form of ID

NSL Member ID Cards are accepted as a valid from of identification (100 point identification requirement) by a number of organizations eg. banks.

NSL Web Icons 140X130px Discount


NSL Members can save money by accessing discounts from our many Discount Partners nationwide, simply by presenting your NSL ID at time of purchase

NSL Web Icons 140X130px FastService

Faster Service

By keeping your Member ID Card on hand, this allows for faster verification of your identity and Member Account information so we can serve you better

NSL Web Icons 140X130px Free

It's Free

Don't have an NSL ID Card or lost yours? Don't stress! Simply visit an NSL Branch to arrange for a new ID card Free of Charge!

Arrange Member ID Cards for your staff

Helping your employee to get their Nambawan Super (NSL) Member ID Cards, will go a long way to ensuring they get all the benefits of being a Member of Nambawan Super.

Simply request through your Employer & Stakeholder Relations (ESR) account manager today and our team will be more than happy to assist.

Who is my ESR Account Manager?

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