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Projected super balance at retirement:

The projected total super balance takes into account your starting balance, employee and employer contributions, any additional voluntary contributions as well as interest earned between now and your retirement.

Retirement age:

We have assumed a default retirement age of 65. This can be adjusted in the calculator.

Working life:

The calculator assumes that you will have a continuous working life with no breaks up to your retirement age.

Interest rate:

The default investment returns have been set at 6.0%. This is based on the Nambawan Super 10-year average interest rate.

Employee contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 6% is the mandatory minimum contribution for employees to make. Employees may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

Employer contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 8.4% is the mandatory minimum contribution that employers have to make. Employers may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

Think ahead, what do you see?

Can you see yourself retiring comfortably in your own home or even buying yourself a brand-new vehicle? Imagine continuing to receive an income during retirement that offsets the loss of your salary. Even though economies go up and down, we know that super is a long-term investment you can rely on to save more and earn for yourself a comfortable retirement.

Grow your retirement savings through Voluntary Contributions

Apart from your Employer's super contribution, every employee in Papua New Guinea has the benefit of 6% of their salary being deducted each fortnight into their superannuation savings for retirement. You can get much closer to achieving your retirement dreams by increasing your savings up to 15% through Voluntary Contributions.

Super tip: The sooner you start your Voluntary Contributions, the more time your savings will have to generate more interest and therefore more towards your happy retirement lifestyle.

Check how much you need and what you can achieve for your retirement

Using our projection calculator, see how your savings could increase over time - not only through the money you save through Voluntary Contributions but the extra interest your savings can earn for you. Simply add your details to the calculator, and then increase your employee Voluntary Contribution to 9%, 12%, 15% or more. Remember, saving a little for longer periods of time can make a BIG difference to your Superannuation balance.

What can Voluntary Contributions offer Members?

Members who have successfully saved for their retirement through Voluntary Contributions are now using these savings to:

  • Purchase, build or renovate comfortable homes;
  • Purchase vehicles;
  • Setup their own businesses to further build wealth;
  • Pay for medical expenses;

Having a good superannuation balance means you will be able to withdraw the lump sums you need when you retire to set yourself up. But better still, if you save well you can still have enough to open a Retirement Savings Account so your superannuation savings can provide a small regular income for your needs.

Three easy steps to get your Happy Retirement

  1. Download a Pay Variation Advice Form
  2. Complete the form, nominating your additional Voluntary Contribution percentage/amount.
  3. Submit the form to your Payroll team for authorisation.

Important Note: Follow-up with your Payroll team to ensure your tax-free VC deduction has been effected. This is important as you can lose out on retirement savings you nominate through VC, especially when it is pending authorisation by your Payroll Team.

When should you start Voluntary Contributions

It's never too late or too early to start. However, the earlier you start, the more the power of compound interest can work to your advantage to build your retirement savings.

Case Study: The K100,000 difference

In this case study, all four employees started off their Superannuation savings with the same amount of employer (K42,000) and employee (K30,000) contributions. Joe decided against a Voluntary Contribution (K0), in the same year the others including Mary (extra K29 per fortnight), Jerry (extra K58 per fortnight) and Jane (extra K87 per fortnight) began their varying amounts of Voluntary Contributions. Four people, four different employee contributions more than K100,000 difference Assuming that Nambawan Super pays an average of 8% interest each year to its Members, see how their Voluntary Contributions could impact their balances after 20 years.

Thinking of buying your Dream Home with Voluntary Contributions?

As a superannuation fund, we encourage members to think about saving more throughout their working life for as long as possible to ensure a happier retirement. However, a feature of Superannuation in PNG is the ability to access your employee contributions for a Housing Advance.

Growing your Voluntary Contributions now can help you save more, and faster for a deposit to buy your first home (in your principal place of residence). As long as your application meets the eligibility requirements, you can access both your employee contributions and any additional Voluntary Contributions for this purpose when you have been a contributing Member for 5 years or more.

Let us know how we can help you start your Voluntary Contributions

Interested to learn more about Voluntary Contributions? We can tailor a presentation for your staff on Voluntary Contributions or answer any queries you have.

Contact our Call Centre team to book a session.

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