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The actual performance of any investments will depend on future economic conditions, investment management, fees and taxation. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and as a result of this, all the results are hypothetical and are NOT GUARANTEED.

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Projected super balance at retirement:

The projected total super balance takes into account your starting balance, employee and employer contributions, any additional voluntary contributions as well as interest earned between now and your retirement.

Retirement age:

We have assumed a default retirement age of 65. This can be adjusted in the calculator.

Working life:

The calculator assumes that you will have a continuous working life with no breaks up to your retirement age.

Interest rate:

The default investment returns have been set at 6.0%. This is based on the Nambawan Super 10-year average interest rate.

Employee contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 6% is the mandatory minimum contribution for employees to make. Employees may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

Employer contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 8.4% is the mandatory minimum contribution that employers have to make. Employers may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

With more than 220,000 Members, and close to K10 billion in Funds under Management, Nambawan Super is Papua New Guinea's largest and most-trusted Superannuation fund.

We believe that Super is for Everyone, whether you are a private sector organisation, a micro, or small to medium enterprise, or a Government department or agency.

It is easy for Employers to join Nambawan Super!

There are just 6-steps to follow, and our Business Development team is available to assist all new Employers to learn more about Superannuation and support you through the joining process.

  1. Complete Employer Registration Form
  2. Complete Member Registration Form
  3. Complete the Authorised Signatory Form
  4. Include all employees' names and contribution amounts on the Remittance listing
  5. Deposit the total amount on the remittance listing to the nominated bank account
    Account Name: NSL Contributions & Related Receipts Account
    Account Number: 1000585944
    Bank: Bank South Pacific Ltd
    Branch: Port Moresby Branch # 294
    Type: BSP Cheque Account
  6. Lodge or submit all documents to your nearest Nambawan Super Branch. Or email your completed documents to newemployer@nambawansuper.com.pg

Why Contribute to Nambawan Super?

Papua New Guinea does not have a social security system. Contributing to Superannuation is one of the best investments for the people you work with and care about. Particularly to safeguard employees who have become essential members of your team or corporate family. It drives a positive image as an Employer and portrays you as an Employer of Choice who is responsible and caring.

Employer contributions are not taxed at the time they are transferred to a super fund. These contributions are not taxed when held in trust or invested by the super fund.

Tax is applied on Employer Contributions once only (at concessional rates based on the years of contribution) at the time of exit and pay out to members.

In circumstances where the employer contribution is more than 15% of an employee’s fully taxable salary, the excess is treated as income in the hands of the Authorised Superannuation Fund and is taxed in the year in which the employer contribution was made.

Once you have joined Nambawan Super as an Employer you begin contributing a set amount of money into your employee's accounts including your employer portion of the contribution. The money is then invested by the managers of the Fund into things like shares, property, government bonds, and cash deposits.

Your employees (Members) can generally only access their super when they retire, or when they reach the preservation age of 55, or 25 years of service. There are also other limited circumstances where Members can access their super savings early.

You can learn more about how your money is invested here.

  • Access to Nambawan Super's many discount partners nationwide.
  • Annual Member engagement programs, where employers and Members can attend informative seminars and participate in our free Member Financial Literacy Training program.
  • Access to 100% of their own contribution through the Housing Advance facility, to help buy, build or renovate a home.
  • The opportunity to make additional voluntary contributions, giving your employees' retirement savings a real boost.
  • Access to Nambawan Super's Retirement Savings Account, which helps Members manage their savings wisely after retirement.
  • We offer easy and convenient access to account information via our digital and online platforms, such as the Online Member Portal, Nambawan Super Smart App, Supertext Balance check, and excellent service through our Toll-Free Call Centre or over the counter at one of our many Branches across PNG.
  • Co-located in most Nambawan Super branches is Nambawan Savings and Loans Society. This gives Members a one-stop shop option to access products to help them meet their short and medium-term savings needs.