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Projected super balance at retirement:

The projected total super balance takes into account your starting balance, employee and employer contributions, any additional voluntary contributions as well as interest earned between now and your retirement.

Retirement age:

We have assumed a default retirement age of 65. This can be adjusted in the calculator.

Working life:

The calculator assumes that you will have a continuous working life with no breaks up to your retirement age.

Interest rate:

The default investment returns have been set at 6.0%. This is based on the Nambawan Super 10-year average interest rate.

Employee contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 6% is the mandatory minimum contribution for employees to make. Employees may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

Employer contributions:

PNG Superannuation laws dictate that 8.4% is the mandatory minimum contribution that employers have to make. Employers may choose to contribute more than the minimum.

The primary purpose of superannuation is to help Members enjoy a comfortable retirement when you’ve finished working.

Therefore, to be eligible to access your superannuation, legislation states that Members are entitled to withdraw their savings on grounds of unemployment, retirement, permanent disability, death or permanent emigration.

Criteria to Access Your Superannuation

  1. Member must not be working, that is formally retired and off the payroll
  2. Normal Benefits (NB) Withdrawal: Member must be 55 years of age or, Member must have been working with 25 years of service.

For normal Superannuation eligibility, according to legislation, a Member who has ceased employment is eligible to access their full superannuation entitlements when they complete 25 years of services.

If a Member has left employment but has not met the eligibility requirements (55 years of age or the years of service requirements) for a normal exit they must wait for 12 months from the time when they ceased employment before can formally apply for their superannuation entitlements.

Disciplinary forces in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

For Members of Disciplinary forces like the Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary (RPNGC), Papua New Guinea Correctional Services (CS), and Papua New Guinea Fire Services:

  • Member must be 50 years of age or
  • Member must have been working with 20 years of service

Medical Grounds Retirement eligibility.

If a Member is deemed unfit for duty due to a medical condition and cannot return to work, the Member can exit on medical grounds. 

Members who retire on medical grounds may be eligible for a full payout even if they have not yet reached 55 years of age or have not provided 25 years. Members intending to retire on medical grounds are encouraged to consult Nambawan Super officers before applying.

Transferring to another Superannuation Fund.

If a Member has changed jobs and their new employer contributes to another Authorised Superannuation Fund (ASF), the Member can transfer their funds to their new account. You can read more about how to switch superfunds here.

Repatriating or Emigrating to a new country 

If a Member is repatriating to their home country, or permanently emigrating to another country, they may be eligible to formally apply for their superannuation entitlements.

Members will need to wait 12 months from the last contribution to be eligible for full payment.

If Member has not reached the criteria of 55 years of age or 25 service of service then they can apply for Unemployment Benefits.

Partial Access through Unemployment

If a Member becomes unemployed and has not found employment after three months, they can apply for unemployment benefits. Unemployment Benefit is equivalent to 50% of the monthly salary at the time they left employment.

Members will have to apply on a monthly basis to receive this Unemployment Benefit.

If Members reach 12 months of unemployment they are eligible to be paid out the remaining superannuation entitlements, subject to all the tax implications.

Tax on super

Members who have been contributing for at least 5 years to Nambawan Super can apply for a Housing Advance to either build, buy, or renovate their principal place of residence.


The allowable Housing Advance amount is the total of the Member's own super contributions and does not include any interest component or amount for the Employer’s contributions. It does however, include any Voluntary Contributions that a Member has made.

The Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is an account created within Nambawan Super specifically to allow for the interest-earning benefits of superannuation even after retirement. It allows Members to preserve their retirement savings and have access to funds for a secure and comfortable lifestyle after they retire. It removes the temptation to spend their retirement savings in one lump sum.

Members who become unemployed directly or indirectly due to COVID-19 are now eligible to apply for a one-off withdrawal of 20% of their own contributions up to a maximum of K10,000. This amount will be tax-free to the Member.

If a Member remains unemployed after 3 months, they will be eligible to receive a monthly unemployment payment equivalent to 50% of their last monthly salary which is already provided for under the Superannuation (General Provisions) Act 2002.

Each of the above has specific requirements, forms and documentation you need to complete to apply.

Call or email our Call Centre or visit your nearest NSL Branch to get more information on what these are and check your eligibility before applying.

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