Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) announced today that it will commence fencing of its 9-mile land Portions, sometimes referred to as Bushwara.

The announcement came following the approval of Construction Permits from the National Capital District Commission Building Board.

NSL is now preparing to issue a request for tenders from local suppliers for the construction of the fence.

The construction will consist of 5.4km of fencing around the NSL land Portions and is a significant milestone in the progress of NSL securing vacant possession of this asset.

All squatters on the land Portions have been notified of the redevelopment plan and the relocation exercise to be carried out as part of the process.

The Project Management Team continues to provide valuable information and deliver awareness sessions for the benefit of the squatters.

Squatters in dwellings on the clearly pegged site boundaries have been issued an encroachment notice and are expected to move their property prior to the fence construction. Any remaining encroachments will be cleared during construction.

NSL has recommended all squatters commence voluntarily relocating their personal properties and belongings to alternate locations of their own choosing.

Squatters are also advised to discontinue openly building and making improvements to properties on the land Portions. To do so is ill-advised as all properties remaining on the land Portions after repossession will be cleared to make way for the planned redevelopment.

NSL is not required by law to compensate for any improvements made on its land Portions by squatters.

The Project site/office, located at Portion 2157, remains open for all enquiries and can be accessed from Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm, and Sunday from 1pm – 4pm.

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