Today Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) and the Department of Lands and Physical Planning signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will secure NSL’s lease for Portion 2158, at 9-mile.

The MOU is the latest step forward following years of Court proceedings, that have directed NSL’s application for the lease for Portion 2158 to be determined by the National Land Board.

Outlining how NSL and DLPP will work collaboratively, the MOU sets the framework that is expected to encourage a wider partnership in the future that will include relevant Government Agencies, to assist in delivering possible affordable housing solutions at 9 Mile.

A project Steering Committee including representatives of NSL, State Agencies and NCDC will be formed to assist in streamlining the development.

Portion 2158 is the missing piece of the Fund’s significant land holdings in 9-mile, that includes Portions 2156, 2157 and 2159. Together, the four portions of land at 9-Mile are an important and valuable asset, owned by more than 200,000 hard-working everyday Papua New Guineans who are the members of Nambawan Super.

Securing free titles for all the 9-Mile land parcels has been one of the Fund’s highest priority, as it provides certainty to plan and secure the necessary Investment Committee and Board approvals for a project to proceed. The Fund’s intention when purchasing the land was to build new, master-planned suburbs, with affordable housing for the growing Port Moresby population and in particular for the Fund’s members.

Nambawan Super has been working closely with the Department of Lands and Physical Planning over many years, supporting Master Planning processes through the 8/9 Mile Area Local Development Plan, ensuring essential infrastructure and services such as schools, power, water, and sewerage were planned within the new community.

It is the Fund’s goal to deliver development to accommodate more affordable housing through design, efficiency, scale, and partnerships with key services and suppliers.

Further agreements will now be sought that will include for the State to facilitate and enable the construction of roads and trunk infrastructure to support development – a proposal that is hoped to make development more affordable.

For the project to proceed a prudential investment proposal will need to be approved by the NSL’s Trustee Board. This ensures the Fund considers the benefit for all members through expected investment return.

NSL already has Titles for Portions 2156, 2157, and 2159 and a Project Manager has been appointed to support the Fund to secure vacant possession. Once the lease for P2158 is secured, NSL will act quickly to secure the site to ensure no further illegal settlements extend onto the site.

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