Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) has announced the appointment of a new Project Management team that will commence work on the 9-Mile project. 

Over the next 3-months, the Project Manager will be working with all stakeholders, NCDC, the State, and settlers with the view to finding a win-win solution.

Nambawan Super has fought prolonged legal and bureaucratic battles to secure the site and during this time many people have been confused and misled into settling on the land.

The Fund does sympathise with those who have been defrauded by fake ‘customary land holders’, however it must act to protect a valuable asset that is owned in trust for the more than 200,000 members of the Fund.

The State and NCDC need to work with Nambawan Super to help find a workable solution if settlers are not be evicted.

Nambawan Super again asks that political representatives refrain from commenting publicly about proposed solutions that have not been confirmed, that may confuse settlers, regarding the status of the site and their illegal occupation.

 Although discussion have commenced, at this time, there are no formal agreements in place between the Fund, the State, and NCDC.

The Fund has secured Court Orders for vacant possession and intends to enforce its rights to ensure members’ hard earn savings are protected and not lost through corruption, false ‘customary land holders’ and opportunistic settlers.

There are everyday, hard-working people, some of who are members of the Fund, who will be impacted if stakeholders can’t reach an agreement in the next 3-months.

If a viable solution cannot be achieved in this time, Nambawan Super will exercise its legal rights to achieve vacant possession to enable an orderly redevelopment of the land.

It remains Nambawan Super’s hope that a win-win solution for all stakeholders is achieved.

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