On Tuesday, 12 March 2024, the National Court at Waigani reinstated Nambawan Super Limited’s (NSL) vacant possession of the following land portions; 2156, 2157 and 2159 at Nine (9) Mile, also known as “Bush Wara”, outside of Port Moresby in NCD.

The Court granted leave to NSL to issue Writs of Possession to illegal squatters at Bush Wara. The Orders provide a 120-day grace period; during this time illegal squatters may voluntarily vacate the respective portions, allowing them the opportunity to remove, at their own cost, any personal property and or structures. 

The 120-day period commenced on Tuesday, 12 March 2024, and will end on Wednesday, 10 July 2024. Thereafter, the Sheriff's office with the support of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) will implement the Eviction Orders.

The refreshed Orders grant NSL authorisation to seek the assistance of the RPNGC and the Sheriff’s office to attend at the various portions of the land referred to above, to secure vacant possession in favour of NSL. On Friday, 15 March 2024, the Court issued the Writs of Possession to the hand of the Sheriff for this purpose. 


The Nine (9) Mile Bush Wara portions 2156, 2157 and 2159 combined, represent over 200 hectares of land with illegal settlements, and an estimated population of 5,000 illegal squatters. NSL is also taking steps to lawfully secure the vacant possession of its fourth adjacent land portion 2158.

NSL acquired the lands in 1990, but has had to defend its title in Court until 2019, when it was granted full titles to these portions of land. Whilst NSL was defending its titles in Court, these portions of land were left unsupervised, leading to substantial settlement by illegal squatters. 

Since securing its rightful titles in 2019, NSL has exhausted all possible options to reach a win-win outcome for itself and the illegal squatters, that would allow it to secure vacant possession. Substantial time and resources have been expended to date to secure vacant possession of these assets. 

In the last three years, NSL has gone so far as to establish a project office on site to address any queries, a police outpost, and monthly community awareness meetings to continue to remind illegal squatters to relocate voluntarily. On Sunday, 7 April 2024, NSL through its Project Site Manager, provided illegal squatters a final awareness session, reiterating the grace-period provided by the Court and the need for them to commence relocating immediately. 

Future Plans for 9 Mile Land:

NSL is focused on protecting and growing the retirement savings of its 228,000 Members, which comprise workers in both the public and private sectors. These Members include; police personnel, teachers, nurses, correctional service personnel, and other public and private sector employees.

Having exhausted all options, it is now necessary to secure the vacant possession of these lands which are valued assets, owned by the 228,000 Members of NSL, and to proceed with the development plans. 

NSL’s intention for the site remains consistent with those from 1990, and that is to build new mix-suburbs, with housing, industrial and commercial allotments, and the infrastructure improvements that come with it, creating thousands of jobs and injecting much-needed capital into the economy

NSL appreciates the sensitivity of this exercise and its impacts on illegal squatters. However, our mandate is to protect the interests of our 228,000 Members. Furthermore, NSL has provided sufficient opportunity and time to the illegal squatters to voluntarily relocate themselves away from these assets. 

In light of this, we would appreciate the support and cooperation of all stakeholders, to ensure the carefully planned Bush Wara Eviction Program is implemented in a safe and peaceful manner, within the scheduled timeframe.  

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